We Are Photographers

Client: CreativeLive Project: Identity, Branding


I was asked to brand CreativeLive’s podcast that tells the stories behind amazing photographers the images they’ve created. As photographers, it’s easy to get hung up on gear and career paths. To be able to sit and hear a world renowned photographer tell the struggle and story behind and image, career and body of work - that is where the real magic is.

I used newsprint inspired typography with a classic black on white color palette to elevate the narrative. Clear, bold and moving.



I borrowed concepts from the print world like crop marks and technical data that you make you feel like you’re reading an old photography technical manual. In a similar way that film grain ads that narrative of a captured, authentic moment, the print nods amplify that truth-telling gravity.


Social & Email

The majority of the podcast’s marketing assets would be social and email campaigns. I designed concepts that show off the photographers work and story but using guest images and quotes, framed in simple elevated layouts.

InstaArtboard 1.jpg
InstaArtboard 2.jpg
Artboard 6.jpg