Pioneer Square Labs

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Pioneer Square labs came to me with their existing PSL designs, which were already awesome, and asked me to create some brand animations for them. Part of this project was coming up with an animation style and theme that not only suited the brand, but could help guide all the ways it could come to life.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 5.37.50 PM.png

The PSL logo consisted of several simple shapes that represented building blocks. I Immediately began doing animation tests that used these blocks in a very kinetic, almost magnetic way. I presented some style frames, the concept behind them and we were off!


As a company that designs and launches startups, much of the brand assets reflect that innovative spirit. It felt natural to animate out these block arrangements as if they were their own little inventions - all achieving different objectives with varying real world physics.


Next I created a few explorations around how the logo could be revealed using this kinetic animation style. All of these studies were well received and ended up becoming final deliverables.

PSL Bumper 02 INV.gif
PSL Bumper 03.gif

Final Brand Animation.

The resulting brand animation serves as a great introduction to the company with loads of expression. Using concepts like pattern making, digital glitching and magnetism to convey a strong sense of creation. This excerpt is an intro to a larger video showcasing PSL’s design work.