Life Cycle

Client: Personal Project: Design, Animation


I started a personal project designing and animating the life cycle of coffee. The idea is to focus on stylized simplicity and common animation techniques to create an elegant piece from scratch. Still a work in progress since I sporadically work on it on weekends and evenings.



I started with a simple sketch in my notebook using line art as an inspiration. I quickly did an animation test to see how my ideas could translate to motion.


Next I created a slew of style frames that further push that elegant line are style but tell more of a story. I've been updating and animating each scene using these original designs as a guide.



Once I had animated out the first scene I started testing some alternate color schemes to see what evoked the right feel. Ultimately the original simple black white and grey was the palette I went with. It fit the elegant image style the best and drove home the look and feel.


The first half of the animation has come along nicely. Iā€™m currently working on the rest. More soon but here's what I've got so far...