Danielle Motif

Client: Danielle Motif Photography Project: Branding, Identity, Print


Danielle came to me looking to find a very versatile Identity that could represent her businesses multiple services including branding and photography. Above all, it had to be an experience in itself. For Danielle, everything she does is about atmosphere and experience. The photos she takes of spaces and events or environmental portraits have an ambitious main goal. Serve the sense of space and embody the experience of being there.



After exploring several brand options we decided that something hand made and less digital was the right move. This ink mark was drawn about 30 times until I had one that felt like it hit all the fun and life giving elements I was looking for. It was then marked up and re-drawn in Adobe Illustrator.



Much of the brand systems have a tactile look and feel. Leaning on Danielle’s photographic textures paired with gold foil.



The touch-points of the brand needed to amplify the concept of “photographing life.” The simple solution of printing over Danielle’s work photographing textures gave the brand the extension I was looking for. It showcases the work and highlights the “life” overtones of the brand.



The amount of print collateral needs meant we needed a design system that would continue to amplify the brand every time a client is reached out to. If you get a holiday greeting or a thank you from your photographer, then it needs to feel like a unified experience.

I designed a versatile icon set to be used as stickers on envelopes or other print works. The idea is that it’s not tied to a specific use.

DanielleMotifBranding-20 copy.jpg