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Crate Coffee


Pour over for everyone...

The goal was to visually represent the passion and quality of Crate Coffee Market's pour over bar with a video mantra. Crate's owner Jeff Kramarczyk is often found teaching his customers about the flavor profiles of coffee from different roasters and regions of the world, while making them a superb cup to experience themselves. His focus is on accessibility and Crate's goal is to bring amazing coffee (and brew education) to as many people as possible.

I leaned into a stylized look and feel and shot at low apertures that emphasizes details. Speed changes are sprinkled in for a sense of time and a high gamma color grading for overall mood making the light feel just a little dense.


My role...

I pitched the idea of a brand level video to Jeff myself then shot, directed + edited the entire piece. One man band on this one and I'm proud of it.